Four Carpet Cleaning Tips that all of Our Customers Should Know

Four Carpet Cleaning Tips that all of Our Customers Should Know


Here at Home Pride Rug Cleaning, we believe you shouldn’t have to confused and blinded by the mass amounts of information regarding carpet cleaning services available to consumers on the web.  Our focus is educating the public about the industry and making sure consumers are able to make the decision that works best for their respective situation.  With this in mind, consider the below tips you should consider when hiring a professional carpet cleaner:


  • Cleaning a Rug is Harder than it Sounds

To properly clean a rug, the proper chemicals and equipment should be used.  Depending on the length and quality of the fibers that make up the rug, some DIY cleaners may have a hard time getting all the dirt and grime removed from the rug.  Your best bet is regular cleanings, but consulting with a professional will be a much better option.  If a professional is not used until a later time, it may require several hours of treatment to properly clean out the pounds of dirt that have built up over the years.  It is easy for the DIY cleaner to miss dirt and grime as some of the mess is not easily visible ot the human eye.


  • Professional Rug Cleaning Businesses should be certified

The general public may not realize that businesses and technicians for carpet cleaning companies should be certified.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is something that all customers should look for when choosing which provider to go with.


  • IICRC requires technicians to go through certain coursework

There is more education and coursework required of carpet cleaning technicians than you may have thought.  The certification process generally requires coursework, experience and education.  This will prepare the technician to enter the general work force and provide the consumers with a quality-cleaning job.  The students will also need to invest time and money for this certification, showing consumers that they are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line service.


  • Area Rug Cleaning Requires Proper Handling

To maintain the appearance and cleanliness of an area rug, professional cleaning should be used on a regular basis.  Specialty and expensive rugs can easily be ruined if not handled by a professional.  The process usually requires multiple steps to ensure all the dirt is knocked loose and removed and will also require the proper equipment.  If handled properly, the rug can stay looking like new for a much longer period of time than a rug that is not handled properly.  Hiring a professional will not only make sure the area rug is handled properly, but will also guarantee a true cleaning.  Old or delicate pieces can easily be damaged if not serviced by a professional.


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