Problems and Solutions to Cleaning Your Oriental Rug

Here at Home Pride Rug Cleaning, we appreciate the artistic value of your Oriental and custom area rugs. After purchasing such a beautiful piece of art, it only makes sense to make sure this rug is kept clean and maintained for longevity. Our focus is educating the public about the industry and making sure consumers are able to make the decision that works best for their respective situation. With this in mind, consider the below problems and solutions you should consider when hiring a professional carpet cleaner for your oriental or custom area rug:

Potential Problems for Oriental Rugs:

#1: Many of the Oriental rugs in circulation have been dyed with dyes made from vegetables, roots, minerals, and insects, when providing the rug with color. Unless your Oriental rug is made with synthetic fibers, there is a good chance your rug with “bleed” the colors on to your floor or carpet. If your rug has a tendency to bleed, a professional can treat the rug to minimize the damage done. Getting ahead of the problem now, in order to minimize bleeding, can save you a lot of money down the road when the non-treated rug does permanent damage to your floors and carpets.

#2: Wool fibers, one of the most resilient rug fibers on the market, is made to hold its form and spring back to shape after being stepped on. Wool can be damaged by temperatures above 150 degrees and should be kept inside the house and cleaned using cooler temperatures to prevent felting. Felting permanently changes the fiber texture and will cause the fibers to lay down flat. A qualified professional should know the appropriate temperature to clean the rug at and will make sure this felting process does not occur.

#3: A common misconception regarding Oriental rugs is that they were made to last a long time and do not need special attention. Dirt and insects can ruin a rug and cleaning the rug properly is the best way to preserve the longevity of the rug. Bacteria and fungus can live in the rugs fibers as well if not treated.

Solutions for preserving and protecting your Oriental area rugs:

#1 Rotate or Move your rug every 3 to 6 months. 

Following a schedule like this not only lets the inspect the rug, but it will help prevent discoloration of the carpet or floor beneath the area rug as well.

#2 Be gentle when vacuuming.

Try to avoid use a vacuum with a brush as it can disrupt and damage the rug fibers. Also avoid catching the edges of the rug as this can pull fibers loose.

#3 Deodorize between cleanings.  

This is for the purpose of keeping the rugs fresh and clean smelling. Make sure you use a product that is not damaging to your rugs.

#4 Professionally clean every couple years.  

An Oriental rug should be removed from the house and properly cleaned by a professional in-plant every couple years. Cleaning done in your house is not the proper cleaning style for these rugs.

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