Area Rug Cleaning

LivingRmAreaRugQuality area rug cleaning for our clients in the Sacramento area, Auburn, Folsom and Rancho Cordova areas is our expertise. Your area rugs are cleaned and their appearance is renewed without the use of severe or damaging cleaning chemicals

  • Difficult stains are removed by pretreating and spotting
  • Dog and cat urine odors and stains are safely eliminated
  • Stain protection to prevent future spotting is available
  • Your area rug investment will be cared for by a trained and certified cleaning technician
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied, we will clean your area rug again. If you are still not pleased we’ll refund your money.

Area Rug Cleaning Procedures

Pre-Wash Inspection & Testing:
• FIBER TEST – Are the rug’s face fibers and foundation fibers natural or synthetic?
• DYE TEST – Are the rug dyes colorfast or fugitive? Is there an over-dye application?
• CONSTRUCTION TYPE – Is the rug woven, tufted, or custom construction?
• PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS – Any pre-existing conditions or damage that can affect the
dye stability or the cleaning results?

Rug Cleaning Steps:
• DUST – remove dry soil PRIOR to any rug cleaning process.
• FIBER & DYE TESTS – determine fiber type and dye stability.
• DYE STABILIZING (if required, use Dye Stabilizer & Rinse)
cleaning solutions, temperature, and agitation as fibers/dyes dictate.
• SPOT/STAIN and ENZYME/DEODORIZER additional treatments (if needed)
• CLEAR WATER RINSE or ACID RINSE (if needed, use Dye Stabilizer & Rinse)
• WATER REMOVAL – extractor, wringer, or other water removal equipment.
• DRY – air movers, dehumidification, and heat as needed to thoroughly dry rug.
• FRINGE CLEANING – on rugs surface cleaned, fringe can be cleaned at this point.
• FINISH and GROOM – vacuum and groom rug for delivery.

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