Oriental Rug Cleaning

ancient-carpetsTrue Oriental rugs are usually handmade and works of art unto themselves. Traditionally they may reflect love stories, signficant leaders, religions, superstitions and even battles that were victorious or defeats. Quality Oriental rug cleaning for our clients in the Sacramento, Elk Grove and Rancho Murieta areas is our area of special skill and knowledge. Your Oriental area rugs are cleaned and their appearance is renewed without the use of severe or damaging cleaning chemicals.

  • Difficult stains are removed by pretreating and spotting
  • Dog and cat urine odors and stains are safely eliminated
  • Stain protection to prevent future spotting is available
  • Your area rug investment will be cared for by a trained and certified cleaning technician
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied, we will clean your area rug again. If you are still not pleased we’ll refund your money.

Cleaning Steps:

  • PRE-INSPECTION – Fiber Type, Dye Test, Construction, Conditions
  • DUST – Badger or Air Dust or Vacuum
  • WASH – Wash Floor/Pit or Surface Cleaning
  • RINSE – Water Rinse or Acid Rinse
  • EXTRACT – Wand, Water Claw, Rescue Mats, Rover or Wringer
  • DRY – Hang or Lay Out Flat
  • FINISH – Moisture Sensor, Brush/Groom
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